Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Illegality of weed and other substances.

The Illegality of weed and other substances has always been a bit of a mystery for me, especially after I heard that weed was practically harmless. I'm sure a pretty big number of the younger population is in favor of legalization of marijuana so really all we have to do is wait a couple of years and hopefully people will come to their senses. This is all of course assuming that marijuana is harmless. Which it is, but it can be addicting, just like a video game can be addicting. 

Even though marijuana was harmful would it really matter? People should have the freedom to smoke pot if they want to, its hardly going to affect you in very many ways.
I recently finished the book 1984 and I've got to say It's a masterpiece. I've only recently gotten back into reading books, always thought they were kind of a bore and it got quite annoying that I had to actually sit down, calm myself down and read a book, so after trying a couple of times I came to the conclusion that books weren't something for me. I always regretted not reading as much as my pears so I decided to start listening to audio books, I like them a lot, since I can do work around the house, walk to the store or whatever while listening to the book. It helps me concentrate and sometimes it adds to the atmosphere (when the reader is good, that is).

I Strongly recommend listening to books if you have a hard time concentrating. Anyway thought I would share this with whoever is reading.